Yo da Man-do, Fernando

Yo da Man-do, Fernando

We’re so proud to announce that we have a new official band mascot, Fernando Von Candlestick. He hails from a long line of Von Candlesticks, and his superpower is adorability. If he’s ever in a sticky situation, all he has to do is pull down his mod-tastic sunglasses, and he instantly melts hearts with his big, puppy dog eyes. However, he’s really just a big softie, and he’s more afraid of you than you are of him. Bats just get a bad rap, man.

Fernando was actually designed by Dennis, who also does all the BF posters, as well as stop motion, graphics, green screen and more. He’s just a super talented guy, and we hate him.

Fernando however, wasn’t created overnight. We knew we needed to have a bat representing us because, well…Batfarm. Dennis originally did a sketch of a super cute bat that had the most adorable Hello Kitty-esque eyes, but we decided that Fernando also needed some sick shades to match ours. He also dons a suit, and a sly smile that must mean trouble. In essence, he is all that is Batfarm…Eau de Bat.

Fernando will be appearing on a bunch of our BF merch items, and maybe even in a comic book! You never know…

What are your thoughts? Is he bat ass or is he bat ass? More importantly…would you rock a Fernando shirt?

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