“In the Belfry” EP Coming Sept 24th!

Batfarm In the Belfry album cover

Hey all! Our debut album, “In the Belfry” will finally be available at long last on September 24th! The 6-song collection will feature some brand new bangin’ tunes from your favorite darkedelic duo (some you may have heard at our live shows, others haven’t been heard until now). For now, you can preorder the EP via iTunes or Amazon, and it will be available for purchase at all major online retailers September 24th!

“Now That You’re Gone” Single Coming Soon!

Photo by Anabel DFlux, Cover Art by Dennis Morehouse

Exciting news, folks! Batfarm will be releasing their second single, “Now That You’re Gone” from their forthcoming (as of yet untitled) EP on May 21st! The song is an emotive ballad about being left in the wake of a loved one’s suicide. An advocate for mental health awareness and a sufferer of depression herself, singer Alexx Calise and Batfarm are trying to bring to light the often uncomfortable subject of suicide, and the consequences that many loved ones are forced to suffer when someone needlessly takes their own life.

This powerful song was recorded in part at Batfarm Studios and at Ultimate Studios in Panorama City, CA.

Filming “Get Out” Video!

I know it’s been a while since our last post, but both Dennis and I have both been sick with this whole super flu that’s been going around. As I (Alexx) write this, I am bundled up in about 6 blankets and am completely immobile. I feel bad because Dennis had to set up and film a lot of today’s video by himself as I’ve been laid up. However, tomorrow I will (sick or dead) be filming this video if it’s the last thing I do. In addition to filming the video this month, we will also be rehearsing up a storm for our next show at Viper Room (it’ll be our first show in several months as we have been busy recording and filming videos). We are excited to be playing with Aeges and Franky Perez on March 29th. You can get your tickets here! More updates soon on our progress with everything! Also, we will be adding stickers and buttons to our merch page, so stayed tuned for that as well!

New Batfarm Photo Shoot!

We’re excited to announce that we will be doing yet another photo shoot with our absolute favorite photographer, Anabel Dflux in the next few days. Anabel has been Batfarm’s resident photog of sorts, and nearly every live or promotional photo that we’ve ever posted has been snapped at one point or another by Anabel. I actually interviewed her a little while ago about her experience for GHS Strings’s website. It’s a great article for aspiring photographers, especially if you’re really interested in concert photography particularly. Definitely check it out, and also be sure to stay tuned for new photos!

It’s the least we can do to say Thank You!

Yesterday, Alexx, her cousin, Jon Young, and her friend, Linda Emord all went around to some of the fire stations in San Fernando Valley to give bagels and cream cheese to our brave fire fighters who have been tirelessly fighting these horrendous fires and keeping our communities safe. We are all so grateful to all of you first responders who routinely risk your lives every day to save so many people. It’s the least we can do to say thank you!