6 Underground

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3 reviews for 6 Underground

  1. Fan (verified owner)

    You guys are AWESOME!!!! Are you going to be playing the Viper Room again soon? Pleeeeeease???

  2. chris lentz

    It feels so good you can’t listen to it just once. So fun. So very fun. Listening to this brings back fond memories of playing Hungry Hungry Hippo with Xanax in the 90’s. It’s reminiscent of a simpler time. Where a full belly of Jagermeister and a pot of espresso on a Friday night meant things were just going to happen over a weekend. Interesting things that involved acting on whims, lost clothing never found, and sirens. It was always best to buckle up and let them happen. As your attorney I strongly advise you to let Batfarm happen. You’ll be glad you did…

  3. Jonathan Ettinger

    Dig the song. Never cared much for the original. Not sure why you chose this, but, hey, it worked. Now, I need more songs. Like now. And by now I mean yesterday.

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