It’s been a pretty busy week!

It’s been a pretty busy week! Obviously, we did the whole Thanksgiving thing (except for Dennis, who instead ate frozen pizza and worked on our new Christmas song). I also put the final vocals on our song, “Snake” with Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, and we re-amped the bass. It sounds heavy as hell! We will start mixing in the next few days, so one step closer to finishing our long awaited EP, hooray! Den and I also headed to Arizona to see his fam, get a break from the craziness of LA and of course get some of that sweet ass Fry’s fried chicken. As soon as we get back, we will start producing up “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for you guys. Have you ever heard the original from Judy Garland in “Meet Me In St. Louis”? It’s the saddest happy song I’ve ever heard. We hope to also bring that tragic beauty in our version. Something tells me that that won’t be a problem. We can’t wait to spread some creepy holiday cheer to you all.

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