Dear Diary,

This week, I tracked some vocals on a new one called “Snake”. Has there ever been anyone in your life that just made your blood absolutely boil at the mere mention of their name? Yep, it’s about someone like that (haha).

I’m not saying that this song was written from life, buuuuut I’m not saying it wasn’t either…muhahaha. Moral of the story: never piss off a musician. Especially a songwriter.

Anyhow, it was a pretty positive session. We tracked vocals for about 5 hours, and I knocked out probably 90% of the song, aside from a few harmonies and doubles, which is always awesome. I think what contributed to the session’s success was the fact that Dennis also brought a desk cycle to the studio, so I was able to get in a few miles in between takes and open up my voice. You know what they say…you gotta commit to be fit! If you haven’t tried a desk cycle musicians, get one on Amazon and bring it to your session. You can warm up your voice and burn some calories. Why the hell haven’t I been doing this for years?! Anyway, I digress.

We’re really liking the performances so far (Charlie just sent us a rough mix). It’s a perfect mixture of anger and sex; just how we like it!

Needless to say after all that tracking, I went to bed around 8:30 that night. No Family Guy or anything for me; I slept like the dead.

Later this week, we will be designing some shirts and other merch. Hit us up here or on social media if you have any merch ideas—spatulas, salt and pepper shakers, anything! We’re ridiculous, you’re ridiculous…let’s do this!

Hey bat buddies!

Hey bat buddies! Alexx here. Just writing in to give you a brief synopsis as to what we’ve been up to this past year with Batfarm. As some of you know, Dennis and I have actually been writing music together on and off for almost ten years. It was never really our intention to have a band originally; we were just approached a few years back to write a song for a horror movie, and we both thought, “Hey, we make some really messed up music together…this could really be something.”

Anyhow, we kept writing music together just to see if we could maybe license it, but then we ended up creating this whole “darkedelic” sound. It just made sense to put it all on the same record. We went through a few name changes before we finally settled on Batfarm. Our first EVER live show together as Batfarm was actually in December of last year at the world famous Viper Room after many years of just being a studio project. Since then, we’ve been creating like crazy (music, videos, silly content because we’re a bunch of goobers).

We’re currently in the studio with our good buddy, Charlie Waymire, who is helping to produce and engineer our first EP. Charlie has been one of the few people in our lives who we feel really gets us and lets us do our thing. He routinely puts up with our puns and dad jokes, our perfectionism, our little idiosyncrasies that would drive most people nuts. So…thank you Charlie. As of right now, we have 2 completely mixed songs: a real “banger” (as the kids would call it), “Get Out” a very heartfelt, emotive song called “Need Someone”. We absolutely can’t wait to show it to you all. Rant over. Good night and good luck.