Bats and Crafts!

So you guys have probably been seeing a lot of our silly posts and videos regarding the date Nov 13th, and wondering what the hell that’s all about. Well, part of it is the fact that Dennis and I just really love making dumb shit, and the other part is that we’re also going to be releasing our new single and video for our cover of Sneaker Pimps’s Dz6 Undergrounddz on November 13th! At the present moment, Dennis is cutting out lettering for our DzGood Morning Batfarmdz segment (more on that later), which we will be putting at the end of our music video. There really is something amazing about watching a grown man with dreadlocks intently designing and cutting letters out of construction paper. God, I love this band. Now, he’s going to make uscookies. This is just great.

All kidding aside, Den and I have been putting in some serious hours into the business side of Batfarm (because a band is a business—more than you know). We just purchased an amazing Panasonic GH5 camera so we can create more professional content for you all. Big thanks by the way to our awesome photographer friend, Anabel Dflux for giving Alexx a crash course in photography. We’ve also been doing a bunch of what we call Dzbats and craftsdz for our promos, which has included making bat cookies, bat ornaments and various other ridiculous things. Dennis has also been
learning how to do stop motion animation and how to make green screen videos, so be prepared for more wacky antics from your Batfarm buddies.

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